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Sarah Valentine

Hi, I’m Sarah, I have worked as an Actor, Casting Director, Agent, and Accent coach. I now predominantly work with actors, voice actors, and others interested in mastering Accents and Dialects from around the world. I don't teach like other teachers, I like to have a lot of fun and do the learning along the way. In my accent courses, I teach my student's unique tips and techniques to gain the skills they need to get that accent sounding just right. You can be rest assured that if completing a one on one or group course I will be there right by your side - picking out every single word and sound so that you leave feeling confident knowing that you have the accent in your tool kit for that next role. For more info on me go to or just IMDB me. I sincerely hope you enjoy working with me and look forward to working with you. Kindest Sarah Valentine

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About this course

Challenge yourself!

This course lays the foundation to make an expert out of any student.

Settle in as Sarah walks you through the characteristic sounds of the Standard American Accent including the pronunciation of different sounds, words, phrases, and full sentences. Keep this course for LIFE!

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Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive seven short and easy to follow video lessons conducted by Sarah Valentine, a professional accent coach. She'll be giving you feedback along the way on the videos you upload.

Couldn’t do it in ten days? Don’t worry, you’ll continue to have access to the course so you can repeat it until you have the accent just right. This course will familiarise actors and voice actors with the basics of Standard American and even help those who simply want to sound more native.

Course Breakdown

Day 1. We begin with familiarising yourself with Ruzuku and using the website to get the most out of it and then it's time for Lesson 1. You'll be learning about the Valentine Method. You won't be learning the International Phonetic Alphabet you will be doing it YOUR way.

Day 2. Straight into creating your Spark - what triggers you into your accent?

Day 3.  L's R's T's Don't get caught out on those very American sounds. Get these sounds right and you will nail this accent.

Day 4. Catch up day - finish your homework

Day 5. Words to Practice - bringing those sounds together.

Day 6. Phrases and Words particular to the American accent - getting more complex.

Day 7.  Catch up day - finish your homework

Day 8. Sentences to Practice - here we really get into the nitty-gritty. Time to get those words sounding really good.

Day 9. The Monologue, this is what we build towards throughout the entire course. Your big moment!

Day 10.  Let's not say Goodbye - give your feedback and options to work together further.

This course is fun and full of great learning for any actor wanting to sink their teeth into a new accent. For further learning you can get a FREE copy of Sarah’s eBook ‘5 Accents Every Actor Needs to Master’ by visiting the link below:

PLEASE NOTE: This course may have previous students and current students working in it but as its an evergreen course you may or may not be working with students as you go through the lessons. Treat this course as a one on one course with me, with the possibility of working with others - if others sign up whilst you are doing the course.

Sarah Valentine - 021 825 368
The Actors Accent Coach

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Sarah was warm, friendly and bloody helpful in enabling me to get the hang of a Scottish accent. Her approach was simple to follow and I left knowing I had all I needed to do the job. I was also impressed with the range of other regional UK accents she is fluent in and thoroughly recommend her. - Mathew Chamberlain.

Sarah is awesome at her craft, as usual. This was the third course I’ve participated in. Her videos are amazing and are an outstanding method for hearing and, in particular, viewing the spoken accent. I’ve learned so much from this course — now I’m ready to apply my lessons when needed. Good job Sarah — well done, teacher! - Tobi

I worked one to one with Sarah who went over and above with her attention to detail. I would recommend her wholeheartedly for UK accents. - Sara Wiseman

All currency options
NZD $100.    AUD $97.   EURO  €60.00      CAD $90       USD $67.      GBP £53.00